How Religion Changed The Slaves Essay

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How Religion Changed the Slaves Since Europeans began bringing black slaves and indentured servants to the colonies, they have begun to tear away foundations that connected blacks to their African heritage. As slavery progressed, “Negroes” were forced to adopt European religion and were mocked for their own religious foundations as being witchcraft and primitive. These changes have continually affected the foundation of spirituality in Negroes, which continues to plague the black community in the 21st century.
After being sold off by their own kind or stolen by European colonizers, Africans were ripped from their families and forced to learn english, give up their customs and traditional ways of life, and assimilated into european controlled slavery. These slaves were brainwashed and broken down into “Negroes”, and were not considered to be a person, and had no rights in slavery ridden America.
Demonstrated in Uncle Tom 's Cabin, slave owners would demolish the idea of God in slaves, which then removed the opportunity of hope. By brainwashing, most slaves felt as if they were stripped bare, unable to call for help to a higher power which could liberate them of a deadly and undesirable situation.
“ belong to the church, eh?”
“Yes Mas’r,...”
“Well, I’ll soon have that out of you...I’m your church now!” (Stowe 171)
Tom’s owner rejected the idea of him being a holy man, since the thought of a higher being produced the idea that Tom would have hope and…

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