How Preservation Of Community Can Affect Life Of It Residents

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There are many theories and examples how preservation of certain area in community can affect life of it residents. We tried to analyze and research examples in Florida and what can we learn from them. From 2001 until 2009, economy of Florida moved from mild recession and then followed the national economy from boom to bust. This change is reflected in Florida’s real estate landscape. There was tremendous growth on the Florida market from 2000 until about 2007, state benefitted from a strong housing market. Because housing and the Florida economy are closely linked (with housing rising from 20% of the economy in 2000 to nearly a quarter in 2006), growth on the housing market heated both the State’s economy and provided employment in remarkable numbers. Unfortunately, this growth was not sustainable.
First, let us see how what happen to the real estate prices. There are some observation can be made and based on the recession that started in 2006 we got following results:
• Most of the research confirm that historic designation does not dismay property valued and most of the times, properties that are located in historic districts preserved their value during period 2006-2009 and this result is better than performed comparable non-historic properties
• In many cases, property in the historic district appreciated greater than non-historic for the period 2001-2009. Only in two cases (one Gainesville comparison and one West Palm comparison) property in non-historic district…

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