Essay about How Police Handle Hate Crimes

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My interview with Professor Michael Hooper mainly focused on how police handle hate crimes. Before becoming a professor, he was a police officer for the LAPD. Professor Hooper first informed me that officers who investigate any crimes that appear to motivated by hate are required to flag the reports by putting the letter “H”, and circling it, at the top of the report. Having the “H” at the top indicates to the detectives that this case may involve a hate crime. One very important thing to remember is that hate crimes are just considered penalty enhancements, meaning they only increase the penalty for the offense (M. Hooper November 10, 2015). It is not its own separate crime. One important topic to know is what are the policies and regulations that police agencies are required to follow when handling hate incidents? Hooper informed me that the state had specific guidelines made by the California Commission on POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training), in which police departments are obligated to follow. POST provides guidelines, which includes every department needs to provide leadership, establish adequate communication and foundation on how to actually handle hate crimes (M. Hooper November 10, 2015). Each department’s policy should at least cover how to respond, report, train, plan, and prevent such attacks. The other guidelines explain that departments are responsible for providing adequate training on how the officers should investigate. Departments need to provide…

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