How Media Affects People Body Image Essay

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There is more than just a negative side to body image there is also a positive side. But first you have to understand what body image is and why is it important. The difference between positive and negative body image. As well as the different types and the statistics of eating disorders. Last how media affects people body image. According to Planned Parenthood, “How you see yourself and how others see you is body image”. Also Planned Parenthood said, “It does not matter the person it is common to have problems with body image”. As well Planned Parenthood explained, “That body image can range from positive to negative depending on how you see your body overall”. In addition, Planned Parenthood stated, “People do not realize that it is normal to feel good about certain parts of your body and to not feel the same about other parts”. Lastly, there are tons of people that struggle with body image and for them it can be difficult to understand why they feel this way about their bodies and their self’ (Planned Parenthood). “When people are able to accept the way they look and feel good in their own bodies is called positive body image” (Planned Parenthood). “Even if their appearance does not match their family or the media’s ideal they have learned to be satisfied with the way they look” (Planned Parenthood). “Just because a person has physical traits such as being thin or tall does not mean they have positive body image” (Planned Parenthood). “When it comes to positive body…

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