How Many Subjects Will Participate Essay

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11. How many subjects will participate in the study?
Two hundred participants for each of the two experiments, this means a total of four hundred participants. Participants cannot do both experiments.

12. How will participants be selected? Do you plan to use Douglas College students, faculty, or staff as participants? Will any of the participants be legal minors?
All participants will be taken from the Douglas College Psychology Participant Pool.

13. Some participant populations are considered especially vulnerable. Will any such vulnerable individuals be invited to participate in the research?
No individuals from vulnerable populations will be asked to participate.

14. What information about the study will be provided to recruit participants? (Attach copies of your recruiting documents and information sheets to be given to potential participants.)

Douglas College Psychology Participant Pool Statement: Passport Identification of Children
What is the purpose of this research? This study is on identification based on passport-like photos, similar to what custom officers would have for identification.
Who is the researcher? Corina Potts, an Honour’s student who is working on a thesis project using this data. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact her at
Who can participate? Anyone who is 18 years or older. Participants are those who are able to come to campus grounds.
When can I participate? Anytime between January 4 and…

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