How Lyrics Perpetuates Male Dominance Against Female Essay

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Qinami Koshimizu
Assignment #3

How Lyrics Perpetuates Male Dominance Against Female

Many of us have heard the famous single “Love The Way You Lie” which aroused a lot of controversy when it was released two years ago. Performed by famous American rapper Eminem and singer Rihanna. The song attempts to portray domestic violence and abusive relationship. The position of male and female in a relationship and their social interaction are always the hot topic of contemporary music. In this paper I would like to discuss how this song perpetuates male dominance against female through four aspects in gender-role socialization, including emotion, action, sex and social interaction. Also I would argue about the
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The narrative describes the guy punched another guy who flirts with his girlfriend. Scenes that depicted similar situation could be found from not only TV dramas/shows but also from daily lives. Males use physical approach to claim the possession of their girlfriends. The dominance that males show here is in a physical way. They tend to view female more of an object that belongs to them. We could even refer this to a similar behavior that kids fighting with each other over their toys. From the view of sex, males are aggressive and controlling. Eminem rhymes: “if she ever tries to leave again, I m’a tie her to the bed and set this house on fire”, which shows that males tend to think females as an object or belongings in a relation of sex. It takes two to tango. In a lot of instances of social interaction between males and females, females choose to be objectified by males and empower them to be dominant. The chorus part of the song which was sung by Rihanna “but that alright because I like the way it hurts” and “but that’s alright because I love the way you lie” seems to be a depiction of female masochism. On the other hand, the lyrics could be interpreted about that females tend to accept what males inflict on them. In social interaction, most females accept the status that males are the dominant force. For instance, males always initiate a relationship and females tend to be passive. And while in a relationship,

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