Essay How Humans Interact With The Natural Environment

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How humans interact with the natural environment is becoming one of the most pervasive issues of the modern world. The effects that human development has had on the natural environment, are only recently beginning to be realised, and has led some scholars to call for the current geological epoch to be termed the “Anthropocene”, due to the great effect human populations have had on the natural environment (Steffen et al. 2011: 843). There has also been a rise in environmentalist ideologies and environmentalist organisations, based on the increasingly popular notion that human interactions with the natural environment need to be reformulated. I have always been interested in environmental issues, and my time spent studying anthropology has led me to develop and interest in how people relate to the natural environment. Due to this interest, I have decided that studying ideas and perceptions of the natural environment would be a suitable topic for me to research. I have decided to conduct this research among environmental volunteers as I believe that they constitute an interesting group to study on this topic. It would be a relatively safe assumption to say that environmental volunteers have a high level of concern for the natural environment, but how this concern is formulated and what ideas and perceptions it is based on may not be so obvious, and I believe that it is an interesting topic to research from an anthropological standpoint. This research proposal will…

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