How Human Activity Has Impact On The Environment Essay

825 Words Oct 11th, 2016 4 Pages
The emergence of Anthropocene has collided with the knowledge of how human activity has been an impact on the environment, it has also given me the awareness of the hazards of human activities for survival. I believe if we look into changing our beliefs, attitudes, laws and relationship towards nature and other kinds of species and re-evaluating our relationship with our environment, things will get better. I agree with Taylor 2013 “to resituate within the ecological system” and Gibson et al, 2012 “to resituate non-humans within ethical terms”.
One key thing I learnt from the module 3 lectures which has also changed my thinking is “relational ethics”. In our present world, this is a simultaneous kind of approach to ethics, as ethics is centered on how we live, therefore “relational ethics” deal with the way we live, relate and interact with each other. There are different ideas of ‘living’ and ‘learning’ in ‘common worlds’ that are not really new, but the one that is illuminating is the merging of the environment and non-human in children’s learning which changes the learning that is “child-centered” to the “common world”. This is very interesting and captivating for attaining a sustainable world as it gives them an idea on how they can curb ecological or ethical issues as Plumwood 2007 has alerted me that “if our species do not survive the ecological crisis, it will probably be due to our failure to imagine and work out ways to live with the earth, to rework…

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