How Existentialism Is Important And Impacts People By Bill Bryson And Richard Cory

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To build an understanding of what existentialism means is crucial before writing about how it is used within literature. Existentialism is a philosophy or the thought that humans exist to experience multiple episodes of self-discovery and to change or adapt through these events; existentialism is the thought of learning one’s true meaning of life (Perras and Currin, 305). The path of what makes an entity a being can be found throughout literature and how do different pieces explore this topic. Within this essay I will be using two examples of existentialist pieces: “How You Became You” by Bill Bryson and “Richard Cory” by Edward Arlington Robinson to explore the ways existentialism is used in both pieces and how existentialism is important and impacts people.

Bill Bryson uses his background knowledge of the science of atoms to dive into the idea of existentialism in the way how do people arise from the same things. Although Bryson 's piece “How You Became You” does not appear to be entirely written on existentialism, it is a key point as it stems off the original thought of identity. By taking the atom and personifying it, Bryson accomplishes bringing the reader onto a personal level with the atom and sees the world through the atoms scope, and yet, he states that people are made of the exact same atoms as each each other creating the question: how does these simple things that make up every person in the same formula “carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, a little…

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