How Does Nick Carraway Narrate The Great Gatsby Essay

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Research Paper: How Does Nick Carraway Narrate The Great Gatsby
Nick’s intention with this quote is to tell the reader right off the bat that he is a reliable narrator. As we know, the Great Gatsby is a novel filled with ambiguity and questionable character. Nick – telling this story in hindsight – is trying to comfort us by assuring us that in the midst of all the corruption and lying that is about to take place, we can always take refuge in his perspective, accepting all of his thoughts as absolute truths.
However, while it would be easy to read the book with this perspective, we learn as the novel progresses that Nick is not as reliable as he would like us to believe.
As I wrote in one of my previous blog posts, Nick is the overseer, and in some cases the catalyst, for many immoral actions between other characters. Nick is the one who invites Daisy, a married woman, over for tea, knowing that it is an attempt for Gatsby to rekindle his lost love. Nick parties it up with Tom and Myrtle in a hotel room one afternoon, despite the fact that he knows Tom is married to Daisy. Nick hides the fact that Daisy was really the one who killed Myrtle. Essentially, Nick is involved in the same corruption that consumes most of the other characters, and as a result, can not be considered the stand up gentleman that he advertised himself to be at the beginning of the novel.
A theory that intertwines with Nick’s reliability as a narrator is the idea that Nick is actually gay, and…

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