Essay about How Does Culture Affect Aging And It Affects Aging?

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This week’s topic consisted of culture and aging it went as far as defining culture. The part of the definition for culture that I gravitated to the most was “An integrated pattern of human behavior which includes but not is included to: thought, communication, languages, beliefs, values, practices, customs, courtesies, rituals, manners of interacting, roles, relationships, and expected behavior. This is so vivid which shows that culture is not limited to beliefs, values and etc., but it goes way beyond and shows that culture difference plays a cognizant role in how individuals behave and relate to each other in general. It further ask how does culture affects aging and it affects aging both positively and negatively which shows that it’s not one sided but have different ways in which it impacts culture. The lack of understanding culture especially for professional individuals that have to relate to them on a daily basis creates a strain especially for those who are untrained an example of one barrier is communication. If you don’t know to relate to them especially those that speak another language they will become frustrated and even neglected and most of all both parties will misunderstand each other.
Culture is divided into two categories individualist and collectivist. Individualistic have to do with individual rights and they believe that the elderly are little to no value and they are burdensome to the society within this group they are given no honor that they truly…

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