How Do You Mow A Lawn? Essay

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How do you mow a lawn? Anyone new can experience that mowing your lawn is more than just getting a lawn mower and cutting a patch a grass. They are multiple ways to mow a lawn and where you live is going to be a big factor on how you mow your lawn. Mowing your lawn is crucial and with these steps you will be able to tell when to mow your lawn, what tips you should know and what equipment you will need.
Knowing how to tell and when to mow your lawn is key to this simple but yet essential task. Always try to mow on a dry warm afternoon. Don’t mow in the heat. If you mow in the heat of the day it can cause heat stress on the grass and you. Make sure that the sun has dried the grass because if you cut in the morning the grass will be wet. Cutting wet grass causes uneven cuts. The wet grass will get clumped and get clogged in the mower which will stop the blades from spinning. Mow when needed. Depending on your grass type, growing conditions, weather, and season will change on much you mow. If it rains more than the grass will grow faster than if it rained little. You might need to mow twice a week in the spring and once a week in the summer.
Tips and tricks are always handing for anything but not many people can mow properly so knowing a few little things about mowing can be very valuable. One of the first things to know is the grass height and how tall or short you need to cut. Grass has a wide range of recommended heights. You always want to stay at the upper end of that…

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