Game Warden Essay

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Game Wardens: Wildlife’s Secret Protectors They are many jobs in which may be overlooked as if they are nothing. People may often think that these jobs do not require those who are employed to do much work, but that may not always be the case. One of the most overlooked job is a game warden. Not many individuals know of the struggles that game wardens must go through to not only be inducted as this major honor, but also how they risk their lives every day in order to protect our environment and wildlife. I have covered in this paper the background history and the origins of the very first game wardens, as well as the important requirements that these people must endure in order to be accepted in the law enforcement world. Game wardens seem to have a long history, dating back to as early as the 12th century. In medieval times, nowadays game wardens were actually part of the king’s band of men, usually in charge of the hunting dogs and peasants who were used to run the game towards the king and his men. Overtime, the duties …show more content…
Being that many kings would own a massive amount of land, they would hire the game wardens to watch over and protect it from the poachers; if caught, it was likely that the poachers would be sentenced to death. In Germany, game wardens, referred to as jagermeisters, were very similar to the game wardens found in England; however, rather than just watching over the land and catching poachers, these game wardens from Germany also took charge over the trails that led through the woods, as well as controlled any program with the forest such as cutting down trees. It is still very common in the German country to have jagermeisters, still in control of the same activities they were known for many centuries ago. Since America was found a couple

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