How Do You Listen To Me Essay

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You will listen to me. You will learn my side and the innocence that I proclaim. I am a true women, I possess great strength, power, integrity and justice. I am no monster, I have done no wrong. However, mencing, tyrannical and ruthless are all names that I am branded with, for what? Being a women. If I were a man I would be admired and would not be in this courtroom right now defending my life, I would be a hero, the pinnacle of a respectable leader. How dare I be accused of usurping my father to overthrow the throne. How dare I be accused of committing adultery with Edmund.

Does no-one understand that “By day and night he wrongs me. Every hour he flashes into one gross crime or other.” Am I expected to tolerate his childish, unruly behaviour? Why am I scrutinized for speaking against my father when “my father strikes my gentleman?” If I were too continue allowing him to have complete control in my house I would
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My men could complain against me that I am subservient to my father no true leader. I have power and a responsibility to protect my attendants. It would be a disservice on my behalf to neglect them of safety from my foolish father with his insolent 100 men and that base of a fool. Was I not being level headed with allowing him just a few of his men. Did I not say “What you need you five-and-twenty, ten, or five to follow in a house where twice so many have a command to tend to you.” I pray you all do you see a fault with my behaviour? Oh please correct me if that is so but you will not find one. I was generous, and moreover, my men were ordered to be your men, to protect and comfort you, a true characteristic of a king. Oh the irony which crawls through his bones devouring all he is. Was it not just yesterday in his courtroom that he told me “Of all these

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