How Do People Achieve Human Flourishing In The Narrative Life Of Frederick Douglass

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How do people achieve human flourishing? What is it to be human? This is one of the most important questions to be addressed in this century. To be human is quite a complex task, because of the varied theoretical concepts that is often associated with this idea. It is a word that has been defined so many times and is used in so many contexts that it has begun to lose its true meaning. It has become so common place that we often mistake humanity for humanitarian qualities; “Humanity is kindness”, “Humanity is benevolence”, “Humanity is charity” and so forth. But what is humanity in its purest sense? Most importantly, what makes us human? Is it the struggle of nature versus elevated reason? Is it the development of something greater, a soul? …show more content…
In the book, ‘The narrative life of Frederick Douglass’, it addresses the inhumane treatment of people with other people. It describes not only his life as a slave but also mostly the life of a slave. Slavery in my opinion is a very brutal way of treating the same genus. Why do people treat other people inhumanely? Is it because of the color of their skin? Is it because they do not have enough money? Is it because of the language, education, or any factors that does not level one person to the other?
Enslavement started long ago but is still present in today’s society as human trafficking. Upon reading the narrative of Frederick Douglass, how people treat other people of color is very violent and barbaric. To have or own a slave is a level up of the owner in the society. The more
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What masters do in their holiday is let them drink and compete with other slave owners who would drink more. They are being deprived of their freedom. The freedom given to them is an illusion. “Freedom now appeared, to disappear no more forever- It was heard in every sound and seen in everything” (30). To elaborate this further, it means that freedom is mirage. It exists but does not. It is more like an apparition. What they yearn for is to be unbound by the dreadfulness and savagery from their masters but still even though they were given the freedom, the thread is still there. All they want to live free of oppression, and barbarity of their fellow people. The real question that lingers in my mind is: What is it like to be free? What does freedom mean? Is freedom the way to achieve human flourishing? This word is the greatest and biggest word to be achieved by serfs.

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