Political Riots During The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War was a chilling time in American History. Many who did not grow up in that era of time look at the nineteen sixties as a time of peace and love. The truth is, it was a time of violence and turmoil in America. Race riots were happening all over our country, drugs were being embraced by a new generation and there were political riots about the draft and the involvement of the American government in Vietnam. No one suffered more from the chilling effects of the Vietnam War than the soldiers who fought it. American soldiers faced a wide variety of horrors while serving their country in Vietnam. Many of them include disease, fatigue, hunger and watching their fellow comrade’s fall and being exposed to Agent Orange. All of this was horrific and hard to handle by many Vietnam soldiers, but the most troubling was the way the Vietnam soldiers were treated and how they were looked down upon by their own country. The Vietnam soldiers were away and on foreign soil fighting a war that many of them didn’t understand themselves. All of this had an effect on the returning soldiers. It often took a toll on a soldier even years after he returned from war.
Vietnam soldiers were fighting a losing battle, they were not supported by the American people. . There were many who attacked the war and the soldiers for doing their job.
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Looking back to when the soldiers from WWII returned after the war they were treated with respect. There are romantic stories of soldiers returning to their post war brides and the entire country coming together during the war to fight for freedom. It was as if everyone understood the sacrifice the WWII soldiers were giving. When the Vietnam soldiers came home they were faced with adversity, no welcoming home parades or parties. It seems we have learned a big lesson from the way America treated the Vietnam

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