How Did Luther And Calvin Have Impact On The Beginning Of The Twentieth Century?

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In the 1300s the ideas about religion in the West were challenged in many ways which led to the churches being divided then leading an end to it all in 1648 with the Wars of Religion. The technology that was developed during this time period helped to expand the churches and their ideas. Also, politics were very confusing because the church controlled everything that occurred. The cultural change that divided the church was the Reformation and Counterreformation, people wanted a change so they took action. Luther and Calvin both had major roles in the Catholic and Protestant church throughout this time. The lives of the women during this time were changed and expanded. It seems that many things had some influence and contribution to the start of the differences and changes in religion. Technological advances began to show significantly in the 1300s to the 1400s. Churches had to deal with criticism by others because everything had to be written by hand. Because it took so long to write everything, news could not be distributed and circulated quickly or efficiently. This obstacle made it more difficult to attempt to change the church. However, in 1450 the printing press was then invented which used paper and ink. (10/19) This made processing and spreading news a lot more efficient. This new change to the world influenced the leader of the Catholic Church to try to make over Rome, but the only problem was, the church didn’t have the money. In order to raise this money, they…

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