How Children Deal With Depression Essays

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Rough Draft In today’s age we hear about depression like we hear about the flu, the difference is that you can protect yourself from the flu. Depression is something that is prominent in our society, but no one likes to talk about how children deal with depression. You may see a lot of awareness for high-risk teenagers with depression, but what about the ones who are not at risk of attempting to hurt themselves or others? Jack would wake up every day with a feeling of sloth. He would wallow around for a bit before deciding he needed to get up to use the restroom. After that he would crawl back in bed until his father would attempt to get him moving again. Jack didn’t sleep much; in fact these days sleep was more of a luxury to the boy. He would normally take until the third time his father walked in the room to actually move. Sometimes he was in the mood to try and look nice, sometimes he put on a different pair of pants, and it always depended on the day. He would get up, go to school, and put on a fake smile so others wouldn’t worry about him. As the days cycled and with no interference Jack started deteriorating, after a while he stopped putting on a fake smile, he stopped trying to work in his classes and soon enough he turned to addiction. His addiction was not illegal, but an addiction to his games. Jack grew up with video games, and though at first they weren’t an issue as he started finding it hard to sleep he decided he would just play his games until he was…

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