How Birth Has Changed And Improved Over The Years Essay

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The experience of birth has changed and improved over the years. Due to technology, women have options such as, vaginal, cesarean, medicated, non-medicated, home or hospital births. Women have the option to choose what birth with affect their body and how it will. To some, natural birth means more to them then a medicated hospital experience. Having a C-section can save both the baby’s life and the mother’s due to complications. There are many advantages and disadvantages to the different kinds of births, so it important to meet the needs of the mother when she is in labor. There are many advantages and disadvantages to delivering a baby vaginally or by c-section. A vaginal delivery is when the baby is delivered through the vagina; it is the natural way for birth. The advantages of a vaginal delivery include, shorter recovery time, earlier contact with the baby, compared to someone who received a c-section, and less complications. A vaginal birth is better for the baby because if there is fluid in the newborns lings it will be forced out by the muscles and the baby also receives good bacteria that can increase its immune system. With vaginal deliveries there are also complications that can affect the mother and the baby. The mother’s vagina can tear and her pelvic muscles can weaken and cause her to leak urine when she coughs, sneezes, and laughs. According to the Stanford School of Medicine, if the baby is larger and the mother has a long labor “the baby may get injured…

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