Housewives : Degrading Profit Scandal Or Radical Feminist Entertainment?

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“Housewives” Brand: Degrading Profit Scandal or Radical Feminist Entertainment?

We all remember the iconic image of Barack Obama on the cover of Ms.Magazine from 2009. With a cleverly illustrated President peeling his button up shirt away to reveal a black “This is what feminism looks like” t-shirt underneath, he proved the importance of diverse representation.(Goodman) Feminists come in all shapes and sizes, in both genders, and across all age groups- and sometimes where you least expect it. Its a lovely thought, that each individual we pass on the street may have the potential inside them to see woman equally and fight for the cause regardless of their looks. But, if I had to choose one image of what a feminist doesn 't look like, it would be this: falsely preserved rich cougar, risque scarlet tights, expensive fur and diamonds draping her body, cleavage bulging out of her custom fit tops, and surrounded by a rotating display of billionaire bachelors (and sometimes married men) offering their riches to her in exchange for her sexual favors and faux love. (Chaucer)

I may be wrong, but “Housewives” producer Alyson Wob has adopted a lifestyle and brand that radiates hypocritical culture. Is it possible to reinterpret Alyson as the creator of sex positivism? As a liberator of women from a rigid nun-harlot dichotomy? An usher of all genders into a modern age of individual freedoms? Or, as I suspect, is a “revisionist interpretation” a whole lot of wishful thinking?…

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