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Introduction Foreword Chapter 1: Global Price Changes Chapter 2: Price Changes in Global Destinations for Americans  Countries Where U.S. Travelers Paid the Most  Cities Where U.S. Travelers Paid the Most  Price Drops in Popular International Cities  Price Increases in Popular International Cities Chapter 3: Americans’ Travel Habits  Most Popular Domestic and International Cities for Americans  A Look at Top Domestic Market Areas for U.S. Travelers  Best-Value Domestic Market Areas for U.S. Travelers in 2013 Chapter 4: The Price of Luxury  Luxury Trends  Best Five-Star Values  Best Value for $135 Chapter 5: International Travel Habits  Most Popular U.S. Cities for Foreign Travelers  Top International Spenders for
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It incorporates both chain and independent hotels, as well as options such as self-catering and bed & breakfast properties. The HPI was started in 2004 at 100 and includes all bookings across all star ratings from one-star to five-star. More than 150,000 properties around the world make up the sample set of hotels from which prices are taken. The HPI report focuses on two main sources of data: The first section (Chapter 1) shows the global Hotel Price Index for 2013, with comparative data back to 2004. The Index is compiled from all relevant transactions on during this period, weighted to reflect the size of each market. By representing hotel price movements in an index, can illustrate the actual price movements as paid by consumers, without foreign exchange fluctuations distorting the picture. The second section (Chapters 2-6) shows hotel prices across the world per room per night as paid by travelers from the U.S. in 2013 compared with 2012. Chapters 3 and 5 cover the most popular international cities for American travelers and the most popular U.S. cities for international visitors. Prices throughout are rounded to the nearest U.S. Dollar and percentage figures to the nearest percentage point. Chapter 8 highlights key travel trends that will influence travel decisions

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