Honestyy And Real-Life Themes In Pleasantville And The Brave New World

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Register to read the introduction… As viewers watch Pleasantville, they may find themselves feeling sad and uneasy at the interruption and corruption of this seemingly perfect world. To me this movie can be seen as having similarities to the novel Brave New World. In Brave New World books are banned because they create knowledge and individuality begins to arise through one’s thoughts and imagination. In ‘Pleasantville’ the uncolored citizens burn all the books because they do not understand. In both novel and movie the people are afraid of change. In Brave New World they simply numb the fear by taking the drug soma, but in the movie, which is not based on control but rather pleasantness, the characters are forced to face the change and accept …show more content…
Yes, we have more problems. But also more solutions, more opportunities and more freedom” (Ebert). This state made me really take a look at the world, my world in particular, and consider what this meant. As I watched ‘Pleasantville’, I started to get that feeling of “I wish I could go back and live in the 50’s for a minute just to see if life really was that wonderful,” but the more I thought about it, the more I decided it would be an uninteresting experience for someone like myself and many other viewers. A world with way less technology, no cell phones, computers, or iPods would be excruciating for someone from our time …show more content…
Yet, when we look closer we realize that the tranquility of Pleasantville is purchased at a terrible price. Life is “pleasant” because the residents do not think or grow. They are locked into a stifling routine in which homogeneity is exulted and difference rigidly suppressed. And the first sign of change, rebellion, or growth results in both a violent and a legal response by the power structure attempting to maintain the status quo. (Joseph).
I feel that that statement sums up the exact definition of Pleasantville and everything that happens throughout the movie. This 1950’s throw-back gives great insight into what real life was like back then and what the true issues were- Repression and Sexism. Women were expected always to have dinner on the table at a quarter to six and to have the house spotless while the men worked. With Betty’s discovery of sex, sex with herself, that is, she realizes that there is more to life with this explosion of emotion and pleasure. At that time in the world those types of experiences were not welcomed and looked down on. I have to say that this dystopian yet seemingly utopian world of ‘Pleasantville’ is an eye-opening experience for many or just highly enjoyed for others. I highly recommend this movie and only wish for it to grow in

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