In My Homesick Analysis

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Homesick is a word that is used when one is experiencing a desire to return home after a period of absence from it. The character in this story is suffering from an unhappy atmosphere living in a “white society”. He is Native American and from Wisconsin which he calls his true home. The young Indian is attending college far away from his home and his desire is to return home. He begins to reminisce on all the wonderful things he could remember. He talks about nature, communication, social norms as a whole in his world of Native Americans. He describes his experiences by comparing the white society to the native society calling it two worlds. The author describes his experience with nature in great detail. He states, “In my Wisconsin, the …show more content…
He gives clear reasons why his new life in civilization is not what he wants. He explains how he is tired of pretending to understand the norms of the white society. He feels defeated by stating, “Then again, maybe I am not tired. Maybe I 'm licked. Maybe I am just not smart enough to grasp these things that go to make up civilization. Maybe I am just too lazy to think hard enough to keep up” (Whitecloud). He felt that the civilized white men wanted all to be like them, wanting all to be dissatisfied. He gives an example of them working just enough to get a hill but wishing for a mountain. He was tired of trying to be civilized; It wasn’t working with who he is as a person. He states, “Being civilized means trying to do everything you don 't want to, never doing everything you want to. It means dancing to the strings of custom and tradition” (Whitecloud). He mentions that some of the white traditions were taken by his people. However, he still feels inferior to the white society and it is terrible feeling he exclaims. Back home in Wisconsin the author states, “That land which is my home! Beautiful, calm—where there is no hurry to get anywhere, no driving to keep up in a race that knows no ending and no goal” (Whitecloud). He makes clear that his society is not judgmental, not a care in the world and not too busy wanting for things they will never have. He lets the reader know by example of his father’s reaction when he returns home. Stating, “Father looks at me, and I know he has many questions, but he seems to know why I have come (Whitecloud), this is a normal gesture of what his people are

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