Hitler 's Success Of World War II Essay

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Hitler had been planning for a war long before he rose to power with a master plan for the domination of Europe outlined in his book Mein Kampf (1925) and Zwietes Buch (1928).
His plans were to unite Germans under one empire, conquer Eastern Europe, end the Treaty of Versailles, create a national army, and exclude Jews from society, which were all causes for war.
Hitler’s intentions were demonstrated in the Hossbach Memorandum, but some claim, including James Sheehan, that it was a strategy to pick out people who disagreed with his policies, which showed he had war in mind and needed reinforcement from his military officials, as the unsupportive ones were fired only a few months later.
Hitler’s creation of an aggressive, militarized nation could only be stopped by war, which Churchill argued Germany’s rearming in 1935 was the turning point of the war as it meant other nations would fear for their security and begin arming.
Hitler cooperated with the army and industrialists of Germany when he began rearmament as it decreased the mass unemployment caused by the Great Depression, aiding him in gaining the support of the German population.
Hitler had demonstrated that he was not looking for peace or cooperation with other nations, rather conflict when he withdrew Germany from the Disarmament Conference and League of Nations in 1933, signaling that rearmament was about to ensue.
Hitler took advantage of the weaknesses of the other powers and manipulated them into agreements…

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