Essay on Hit 120

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Anthem Inc. Information Systems
Joanne Wood
DeVry University
HIT 120
Professor Dennis

Anthem Inc. Information Systems Anthem, Inc. is one of the biggest insurance carriers in the United States. It spans multiple states with multiple different names doing business as Anthem, Inc. Anthem, Inc. is based out of Virginia City, Virginia, however a large number of its staff members work from home utilizing electronic medical records for all of its healthcare information system. Anthem, Inc. serves all ages, from birth to elderly and offers different health programs for all their different members. Some of these programs include behavioral health program, disease management program, and complex case management. Anthem, Inc. is
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They have access to member information as well. Anthem, Inc. does not use any paper records any further. The entire company is electronic medical records, making it a great company to work from home for. Employees can work anywhere in the United States for any number of states that they may not live in. All users are set up through the information technology department. Every different position and discipline have different access based on their position and needs. This access is ordered by the manager for specific access. CareCompass is focused on providing an innovative, interdisciplinary workflow solution that can be used to guide the collaborative care team in the organization. The system is used for many areas within the insurance arena. This includes, pre-authorization, disease management, case management, eligibility verification, and limited medical records. This system provides the needed information to perform the highest quality of care not received directly from the members. CareCompass does not talk with other programs within Anthem, Inc, but allows authorized personnel to document conversations and assessments that take place with the members. CareCompass is easy to learn and is straight forward. There are certain forms and pages for specific information. Each progress note has a named topic that allows for reports to be run accurately. This information gives statistics on each individual associate or as a whole company. The downfall to

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