Essay on History On The Beginnings Of English America

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Entry 11 History on the beginnings of English America offers a holistic review of the colonies of New England and Chesapeake. Particularly, it focuses on the period between 1607 and 1660 and draws interest on the motives and reasons behind the colonization of the New World by the English. I find the exploration of how the lives of the Indians are transformed following the Great Migration to North America during this period very interesting. It effectively brings out the different happenings and their significances, and the theme of religion freedom as being critical in the beginning of English America and the establishment of Maryland.
Ceremonies were regularly held to celebrate good harvests or bounty seasons. When the ownership of land and property was eventually embraced, the Native Americans settlers attached a lot of importance to them even though Indians disregarded the value of wealth.
Entry 12 As the title highlights, this chapter gives an account of the changes of events that took place when early European explores came into contact with Indians and settlers in America. The term New World interestingly brings out the perspective of a New America. Of particular interest is the sophisticated culture that existed among the North, South and Native Americans. Therefore, the desire to colonize other nations and expand territories is a major theme that plays out in the rush to obtain African Gold proliferation and subsequent conquests. It therefore offers the necessary…

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