Essay on History Of Irrigation Of Yuma And Southern Arizona

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Yuma’s Irrigation
Irrigation is significant to yuma for so many reason’s. Irrigation has brought Yuma a more reliable and clean water source which has and powerful sprinklers, has helped this area master year round farming increasing the number of agricultural products being produced and sold.Throughout the process of developing irrigation many developers had challenges to overcome like flood’s, population and town’s increased and most of all technological inventions. All of these were considered to expensive money wise, but have had large impact and positive long term effects on Yuma’s agricultural industry. The yuma region led in the development of many canals and waterways, dams and water filtering plants and powerful sprinkler systems. Due to the advances in irrigation, Yuma is now titled the number one lettuce capitol. So I would say it is safe to say irrigation must be doing something right for the agricultural industry. Irrigation has had a big change on Yuma and Southern Arizona. One of Yuma’s biggest benefit from irrigation was year round farming that helped change yuma farming in many ways. The farming conditions were improved by the development of better sprinkler system’s. These sprinkler systems were used to help in the process of speeding up germination. While planting vegetables and lettuce in the beginning of fall they used a solid set sprinkler. The sprinklers helped speed up the germination of the seeds by cooling air and soil. These sprinklers…

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