History Of Health Care : Canada 's Healthcare System, Diseases, And Inventions Of New Immunizations

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History of Health Care in Canada

How much has Canada 's healthcare system, diseases and inventions of new immunizations changed throughout the years? Throughout the 1900 's many things were achieved when people started to realize that healthcare was a big deal. Not only were they trying to cure different types of diseases but Canada was also looking for new ways to improve their system.
Between 1910 and 1920 many different things were achieved but also discovered, like Canada starting school inspections and how the Spanish flu made its way to the country. This was the decade when Canada began to do school inspections. They had started in 1910 but were not the first country to start something like this. The United States was the first to start inspections in 1894, almost 20 years before Canada. These inspections began in Ontario in places like Hamilton, Brantford and Toronto but soon was country wide. Canada started to do medical inspections because school boards were perturbed that parents and teachers were not able to identify any kind of disease in its early stage. A little while after, Canada began to do dental inspections as well. It was a great concern that only 1,864 of 5,850 children had ever used a toothbrush. (Rutty & Sullivan, 2010) Another new discovery were diseases like venereal disease and the spanish influenza. The spanish flu was discovered in 1918. It was named the "spanish flu" because it was first widely reported in Spain but originated in…

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