History And Language : A Holistic View Essay examples

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History and Language: A Holistic View
Humanity is such a simple word, yet is by simple nature excruciatingly complex. The variables and mechanisms that fuse themselves together are so broad and encompassing that it is not so surprising that looking at the whole is nigh on impossible for one person to achieve. Just as a single person is a blend of ideas, ideals, and circumstances, so too is the overall essence of what makes a human, human. Anthropologists have dedicated their lives to the attempt of understanding just a fraction of what composes the human race of today, as well as the path traveled to reach this point. Much of today’s anthropological achievements can be seen by looking at the fields of archeology and linguistic anthropology, two of the various “lenses” that anthropologists employ in order to see the broad spectrum of events that make up human existence. Though these two highly diverse fields are not often associated together except for in the loosest of terms, their contributions are certainly not to be ignored. Archeology and linguistic anthropology similarly possess diverse histories, are filled with various influential specialists and successes, and come together to present a more complete understanding of humanity through the holistic view of cultural anthropology.
Archaeology has long held a significant position in the understanding of humanity over the course of its history. In its broadest sense, archaeology is defined as “the investigation of the…

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