History And History : Anthropology And Colonialism Essay

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Anthropological scientific studies have extensively grown within the last 30 years, though; it is still fairly new to understanding the elements of all the different cultures the world has to offer. Colonialism has provided substantial starting point and has acted as a base for anthropologists’ views and concepts. Anthropology and colonialism have always gone hand in hand when examining the beginnings of societies and cultures. Colonialism offers and clear understanding of policy and practices that can acquire up to full political control over the country itself or other countries, it focus on those who have settled on the land and have created the base foundations of utilizing the land in which they have settled for economic power and growth. Anthropologist recognizes that through culture, people can further adapt to their surroundings, often using images of colonialism as a way of understanding. Although, anthropology and colonialism do not exclusively rely on one another; instead, some debate that anthropological disciplines originate and struggle with observation and control that have emerged from the colonial dialect of the Western govern mentality (pg164-PELS). In other words, what Anthropological views that are related back to in one way or another refer back to the ideas and formations of the Western government and how it was formed. Though, as stated in an article written by Mhairi A. Gibson and David W. Lawson titled, Appling Evolutionary Anthropology to a Changing…

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