Historical Events During The Colonial Period Essay

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As far back as the late 1400’s, travel to the New World or Americas was being completed by Christopher Columbus on behalf of Isabella Ferdinand of Spain. The discovery of the new world led to colonization of the land there and eventually the creation of independent countries that are present in the world today such as the United States. The events that transpired to create the United States stems back to the seedlings of the Puritan colony of Massachusetts creating a Colonial identity and the rise of plantations that created the American economy. The actions and treatment of the people around and in these colonies cause important historical events and show themes of treatment that are recurring throughout the colonial period. The Puritans were a group of people who settled the colony of Massachusetts, starting at Plymouth rock in November 1620. The Puritans, often referred to as Pilgrims were migrants from Britain that left to the new world in order to live more comfortably under their own religious rules as a minority sect of Christianity. The Puritans left Britain for the new world in order to live in their own religious right society with their own religious identity. The Pilgrims created their new society as ‘The City on a Hill’,the perfect society that should be an example for all other civilizations. Politically, the Puritans were far right religious fundamentalists. So, when the Puritans arrived in Cape Cod, the local Native people helped them survive.…

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