Hinduism Is The Major Religion Essay

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Hinduism is the major religion in India and has developed from the Vedic religion. Hinduism can be said to be an indigenous religious because it has been around for such a long time. This religion has been around longer than 2000 years and has been well developed throughout India. Hinduism is considered to be of the oldest religions and as long as it been around there has been no major changes dealing with the religion or the culture.
In the world religion book in the Hinduism chapter it states that “Vedas is a collection of over a thousand hymns of praises and supplication addressed to the gods, it is the oldest of the Rig Veda.” The language of the Vedic hymns was called Sanskrit. The hymns were not practiced by everyone they had to be memorized by a brahmin priest and then the priest has to go out to teach the men that comes after them. The Vedas has existed for more than two millennias and included proper accents and it also supplied rituals for the people to practice. The Vedic was created for men who wanted to sacrifice, martial conquest, and maintain their moral order.
Vedic and Vedas weren 't the only way people could achieve a quest for higher consciousness. Another way people try to achieve higher consciousness is through yoga and meditation. Yoga was a various set of disciplined practices in which a person can unify and focus their bodily power for the purpose of realizing their true spiritual essence. Yoga has been well developed throughout the world and many…

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