Essay about Hinduism : A Cultural Performance And Drama

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Hinduism in Bali
Indonesia is one of the biggest Muslim countries in the world, populating over 250 million people. With that said, there is one island in Indonesia where the majority of the people are Hindu, Bali. Bali is not a huge island but it is one of the most tourist attraction spots in the country. Bali has become the most Hindu dominated island, from daily rituals to the architecture of the buildings, everything has a Hindu influence. However, Hinduism in Bali has been a deviation of Hindu where they are a strong influence from Animism and Old Javanese traditions. To this day, Bali contain mostly Hindu and there are no signs of it subsiding. Performances, like Tari Kecak, are influence by the Hindu story and a ritual of Hinduism which should not be tempered with; but tourist sees it as a cultural performance and drama. Temples in Bali have a significant role in Balinese spiritual practices. How did Hinduism dominate Bali in one of the biggest Muslim country? How much did Hinduism deviate from India’s Hinduism? How has Hinduism effect Bali’s culture and tourism?
Indonesia has many religions, but the 3 major religions in Indonesia are Muslim, Christians, and Hinduism. However, comparing Hinduism between the other 2 major religions, the differences is a tremendous gap. However, Hinduism was the second religion to enter Indonesia after the first the religion establishes, Animism. Hinduism first appeared in Indonesia around 5th century CE, brought by Indian traders;…

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