High School Should Apply The Award Essay

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Seal of Biliteracy Irondale High School does not currently have seals of biliteracy to put on student’s diplomas. As of May 16th, 2014, Minnesota became a state that adopted the award, allowing all schools to benefit from the option of having students receive a gold or platinum seal. To qualify for a seal a student needs to be in grades 10-12 and show at least intermediate-low proficiency in a language besides English. According to seal of biliteracy.org, “The Seal of Biliteracy was designed to be awarded by school districts; however, an individual school site or school program may also decide to implement the award.” Irondale High School should apply the award because it will be advantageous to the students, promote Irondale as a leading source of cultural development, and help sustain student success in postsecondary education. One benefit of a seal of biliteracy is that students who would not originally strive to learn a second language would be given an additional incentive. Granting an award for the hard work and dedication they put in would inspire more students to participate and stay with their second language. Permitting a seal, would also be valuable for students who learned (or are learning) English as their second language. An English as a second language teacher at Spring Lake Park High School, Matthew Edmonds, claims, “For kids in ESL, it can be extremely difficult to compete with their peers who are native English speakers. They have to go the extra mile to…

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