Essay on Hidden Intellectualism Response By Gerald Graff

1109 Words Oct 12th, 2016 5 Pages
Samual Yisehak
C. Petitti
ENGL 1105-42R
29 September 2016
Hidden Intellectualism Response Gerald Graff, a professor of English at the University of Illinois, wrote Hidden Intellectualism, an excerpt from the book They Say/I Say. The essay tackles the issue that one cannot be intelligent in any context except for the academic world. Intellectualism by any other subject is just as academic. I agree with Graff’s main point, however, I take umbrage with small details used in the essay. In any other world of that has interests or hobbies, that specific brand of intellectualism is just as important as academic intellectualism.
Graff writes that colleges and schools argue that subjects that are not inherently weighty and academic are not worth improving our intellects: “We assume that it’s possible to wax intellectual about Plato, Shakespeare, the French Revolution, and nuclear fission, but not about cars, dating, fashion, sports, TV, or video games” (Graff). Take video games, one of the most popular forms of electronic media for the past 40 years. The knowledge of computer science needed to produce such works of art is astonishing. For example, Pokémon Gold and Silver are within the 25 best-selling games of all time, with 23 million copies in 10 years (Ashcraft). Satoru Iwata, the late programmer of the game and future president and CEO of Nintendo, compressed the Gold and Silver’s graphics code so its predecessor, Pokémon Red and Blue, could essentially fit into the same…

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