Heroines Of Film Genre : A Star Wars Essay examples

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Heroines of Film Genre: A Star Wars Revelation

For the better part of half a century, the Star Wars (1977) franchise has entertained audiences worldwide with each film branded as a cultural event. The original, created by George Lucas back in 1977, was a landmark film that ushered in the age of the blockbuster. Since then, the franchise has become the ‘go to’ text within cinematic scholarship, often referenced as the antithesis of cultural production. Individuals attuned to the film’s mythology regularly replicate the films iconic characters, divulge in its meaning and assimilate the mythos into their daily lives. The depth of world-building the Star Wars universe extends into other media forms such as television programs, novels, contemporary art and even fashion. Star Wars is a cultural juggernaut in scope and magnitude. Currently the franchise is in resurgence mode, inspiring and aspiring a new generation as well as pleasing those who are of fandom. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), directed by J.J. Abrams, called for a rethinking, or more appropriately, a reimagining of the franchises mythology while keeping intact its iconography. The Force Awakens challenges traditional conceptions of the hero as male, adapting the mythological text of Star Wars to the discourse of the underrepresented female in action/adventure genre, progressing the heroine within a franchise that had been perceived as male oriented.
In order to journey to that ‘galaxy far, far away,’ we must…

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