Henry Tudor 's The War Of The Roses Essay

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Henry Tudor is born during the onset of the Wars of the Roses to an illegitimate bloodline which traces its roots back to John of Gaunt duke of Lancaster. This lineage belongs to the House of Beaufort, which was established when John of Gaunt had his son who was born of a mistress legitimized. The only stipulation to this legitimization was that the Beaufort line would never be able to enter the line of succession for the Throne of England. Sadly, the Yorkists which would oppose the Lancastrians in the Wars of the Roses never came to the realization that an illegitimate child would grow up, and acquire an army powerful enough to eliminate all opposition. Henry goes about acquiring this army by becoming one of the last male claimants to the Lancastrian line after the rest are killed or die off. Being the eldest male Lancastrian remaining the duty falls on him to reclaim the throne from the Yorkist opposition thus gaining the support of some of the remaining noble families. He would finally claim the throne after defeating Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. This victory although soundly won would ultimately place Henry Tudor on a shaky throne which he would have to shore up through marriage, power, symbolism, and control. These things would not come easy for Henry with families like the de la Poles around who kept genealogical rolls showing what they believe to be the illegitimacy of Henry Tudor 's reign by calling him the descendant of a chamber servant Owen…

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