Mary I's Evil Doings

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The Evil Doings of Mary I

“A few deaths is just a small price to pay in order to save England from heresy” (Buchanan 13). This was a quote from Mary I as she burned 300 Christians at a stake for committing treason. But in actuality, these people were killed because they didn’t believe what their supreme ruler did. This was a major part of the Middle Ages and Mary I’s legacy because it dealt with the first female hierarchy’s reign, religion, and the hardships she caused. The biggest question of them all is, how cruel was Mary I? It was her that believed 300 deaths was merely nothing to worry about, or the fact that she made over 800 more either flee the country or live their lives in prison.
Family life affects how everyone acts when he
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Henry had different ideas, he would cut his old life off and give the rights of prince or princess to the son or daughter of his new wife. After being swamped with papers demanding her to sign over her rights, Mary kept a strong headed stance on her rights saying “God had given them to her and only he could take them away” (Buchanan 43). Which was not necessarily true. But she was not changing her mind. Eventually Mary decided to sign the papers after she found out that her father would no longer give her attention or riches. Later down the road she successfully made her way back to the throne, just 9 days after a Lady Jane Gray had taken it. After Lady Jane took over the throne, Mary shared her own idea of succession laws that royals liked better, so they made Mary queen instead of Lady Jane ( “Mary I”).
Mary wanted Catholicism back in England and wasn’t afraid to do some pretty messed up things in order to do it. Mary vowed to bring Catholicism back to England and with that charged anyone who didn’t convert with treason (Mary I (r. 1553 - 1558)). She burned 300 Christians on a stake for not converting and started with her dad’s long time advisor and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cramer (“Mary I”). It didn’t bother her that people were dying or rotting away in prison under her command. It didn’t matter as long as she got what she

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