Henry David Thoreau 's Walden Essay example

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Indeed, Henry David Thoreau’s Walden is considered to be a classic in American literature after analyzing the themes and symbols it is apparent why this novel is so popular. Research of the novel focuses solely on the key elements to Walden. Which are transcendentalism and the symbolism constantly being repeated throughout the work. Specifically, the research covers Thoreau’s cabin, transcendentalism, and other symbolic references. Consequently, Thoreau’s cabin is considered to be sacred ground amongst transcendentalists. The cabin is so sacred to them that they kept it around as a landmark. The cabin is a popular vacation spot for visitors, it is on exhibit accompanied by a statue of Thoreau.
In the spring of 1845 Thoreau begins construction on his cabin. He moves in, appropriately and probably on purpose, on Independence Day, July 4--making his symbolic declaration of independence from society, and drawing closer to the true sources of his being. The summer is a time of physical activity, as he narrates in great detail his different construction projects and domestic management solutions. He also begins his (producing crops/helping something grow) of the bean-fields, following the natural cycle of the seasons like any farmer, but also echoing the biblical phrase from Ecclesiastes, "a time to collect, a time to plant seed/cause/produce." It may be more than the actual beans he harvests, and his produce may be for the soul as well as for the super market.
Winter is a time…

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