Essay on Henry David Thoreau 's Life

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Henry David Thoreau was one of America’s famous writers. He was an amazing philosophical and naturalist writer. Henry was a good carpenter and farmer. He was born on July 12, 1817 in Concord, MA. Thoreau attended school at Harvard College (now Harvard University). He graduated college in 1837. In the 1840s he began writing poetry and he was mentored by Ralph Waldo Emerson. A few years later Thoreau started his life in the woods a place two miles South of Concord called Walden Pond. His love for nature was really exposed while he was living in the woods. Henry enjoyed having peace most of the time. He loved nature and solitude.
Henry Thoreau had wonderful parents. His father John Thoreau, was a very good reader and good-natured man. His mother Cynthia Thoreau was a strong woman who had an amazing personality. John and Cynthia loved nature themselves. The things they knew and loved about nature, they shared with Thoreau. When Thoreau was a kid he enjoyed the wilderness. He had other brother and sisters Helen, Sophia, and John. His mother always took them all outside to listen to the birds sing, walk on the river banks, and look at flowers. The more Henry grew he loved being outside. He was different than most boys his age. Among other boys his age, he was known as the one “who did not fear mud or water, nor paused to lift his followers over the ditch”. (Sanna)2003). Thoreau was in love with nature. He spent most of his time studying nature. His hobby was the study of…

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