Henrietta Lacks Chapter Summaries

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Part 3 summary of “The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks” Henrietta’s cells became very important in scientific/medical research. These HeLa cells helped in the developed of the polio vaccine; played a part in cloning research, vitro fertilization, the isolation of stem cells was achieved, and new discoveries were made such as the chromosomal count of 46 in humans. But while all these medical breakthroughs and discoveries were being made, Henrietta’s family lived for twenty-two years without knowing the importance of Henrietta’s cells in our world until Bobbette, Henrietta’s daughter in law finds out accidentally. Henrietta’s death affects the entire Lacks family, especially her children. Deborah almost has a stroke when she finds out the pain …show more content…
It is obvious that Zakariyyah has been through a lot, and that Henrietta’s death and the abuse he had to endure as a child affected him greatly in a negative way. Zakariyyah’s tears when Deborah gives him Christoph Lengauer’s gift, which was a photo of Henrietta’s cells, and agrees to go to see his mother’s cells. Atlanta declared 11 October Henrietta Lacks Day, the Henrietta Lacks Health History Museum Foundation was started by Courtney Speed. And Deborah is able to see and read her mother’s medical records and learns about her sister, Elsie. When Deborah finds out the pain her mother had to endure before dying she has a nervous breakdown; her blood pressure went up severely, almost causing her to have a stroke. But at the end Deborah, and Zakariyya are able to visit Christoph Lengauer at Hopkins, and see their mother’s cells. Deborah and Skloot visited Crownsville, where Elsie was left. They are able to see a picture of Elsie (where she is crying while being held by a white female’s hands so that her face was facing the camera) and an autopsy report. Skloot reads an article on Crownsville which described circumstances in the 50s, where Elsie was probably subjected to undergo inhumane experiments done on epileptics, and Elsie was diagnosed as an

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