Hemophilia Essay

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Hemophilia is a genetic blood disease, which is symbolized by the importance of blood to clot, or compact even from inconsequential damage. Blood clotting and sudden gene mutation factor in the development of this disease. This disease is generated by an inadequacy of blood multifaceted called factors Therefore, with the nonappearance of factors, the blood clotting process is continued. There are two different types of Hemophilia, Hemophilia A and Hemophilia B. for example. Hemophilia A, the most common form is caused by the lack of factor VIII. Whereas, in Hemophilia B (also known as Christmas disease), factor IX is absent. This disease develops and affects people from their birth. This disease is also developed and transmitted to children …show more content…
Hemophilia.ca website claims, in 1803, a Philadelphia doctor physician john announced the very early confession of Hemophilia in the United States of America. It took about half a century for other people to understand and concept of Hemophilia and it took more for people to generally realize how people developed it and conceived its harmfulness. This disease got wide popularity and recognition when Queen Victoria of England was a carrier and after she passed it to her son. This is the reason why it is also known as the Royal Disease. According to Canadian Hemophilia Society, “Hemophilia has often been called The Royal Disease. This is because Queen Victoria, Queen of England from 1837 to 1901, was a carrier. Her eighth child, Leopold, had hemophilia and suffered from frequent hemorrhages.” Since she was a carrier she passed Hemophilia to her offspring. About 80% of Hemophilia has an attributable family background. Researchers have recently found that the unplanned alternation of the condition in VIII gene in two children was because of the connection of an external jumping gene disorder of the blood clotting capability of the factor VIII gene. It is composed by a recessive sex-linked factor that the mother carries with her on the X-chromosome. Male who are born from a Hemophiliac male and a normal female are normal, whereas, females carry this disease and suffer from

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