Hedda Gabler By Henrik Ibsen Essay

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Although many of the actions taken by Hedda Gabler in Henrik Ibsen’s story “Hedda Gabler” can be seen as destructive and condemnable, her reasoning behind her actions is likely misunderstood. Hedda is forced to live a life that she does not particularly enjoy and that is far from what she would consider ideal. Her reaction to this lifestyle can be misinterpreted to be seen negatively, but in reality, she is reacting in a predictable way. Although often seen in a negative light, Hedda Gabler is not an awful person, but instead a victim of the society in which she lived as evidenced by her deviant behaviors that came as a result of her oppression. Hedda Gabler feels out of place in the home in which she lived after marrying her husband, George Tesman, which contributes to her destructive behavior. From the beginning of the poem Henrik Ibsen makes it known to the reader that Hedda Gabler does not really belong as part of her husband’s social class as evidenced by Miss Tesman’s reaction to visiting the new couples’ residence. When confronted by her nephew as to why she was wearing a newly purchased hat to their home, she claims that she bought it “so Hedda won’t feel ashamed” of her if they are seen together (Ibsen 1484). This point of a clear divide in class distinction is further illustrated by Hedda’s reaction to Miss Tesman’s hat. During her reaction, she compared a hat that was regarded by Tesman as being high quality to that of a maid’s as evidenced when Hedda said…

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