Healthcare Has Changed The Face Of Healthcare Essay

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Register to read the introduction… For thousands of years, people have been playing, planning, and exploring with the hopes to find the mystery of the human body. Public health has always combined the best form in treating cancer, delivering babies to dealing with heart attacks. Doctors and scientist have developed technology and improved techniques. The issue that doctors in this era face is broken medical systems and the right insurance company. Doctors will become better at tackling health problems and new techniques with technology as biomedical research improves. Still on going but improving, the three main changes that are revolutionizing public health today are electronic medical records, clinical practice and population science. In the last few decades, medical billing and coding has switched from being a paper-based system to a computerized format. Under HIPAA laws, medical practitioners had to develop new software in order to send out electronic bills. Healthcare continues to evolve and so does medical technology and its use in every aspect of the public …show more content…
Many believe the United States is on the edge of national healthcare reform. Healthcare cost seems to be unreasonable while 46 million American are uninsured. In the early 1900s proposals began to surface. In 1912, Theodore Roosevelt’s Bull Mosse party campaigned for health insurance. Moving to today’s day and age President Obama extends the state children’s Health Insurance program through 2013 and created the Obama care in with all citizens with the exception of some must have medical insurance.
Public healthcare has developed from the World War to now, and is still continuing to change and evolve. This museum would be so beneficial to our organization and help educate and help our citizens better understand the history of public

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