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Health Care Trends
Tamera Wilson
HCA 459: Senior Project
Dawn Deem
June 24, 2012

Health Care Trends Health care is changing more and more everyday. Two trends that have evolved over the recent years are abortions and the impact the economy has had on patients seeking medical care. As a health care administrator of a facility, one or both of these trends require attention at some point in time dependent on the services provided at the organization. These two trends have become problems for multiple reasons. There is currently a dispute between pro-life and pro-choice activists who you can usually see standing outside of clinics or facilities that offer abortion services. It has gotten to a point where the government is now involved
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Idaho also placed a limitation of 19 weeks for a mother to seek an abortion. In this case, the provision had not been made at the time. The prosecutor is trying to place felony charges on this woman who has other children with felony charges because she terminated the pregnancy and it was at 20 weeks, even though the defendant calculated it to be 14 weeks at the time. Cost was a factor in this situation as well because Ms. McCormick, who is unemployed, could not afford a vehicle to get to an abortion center and to have an abortion late in a pregnancy; the estimated cost was $2,000. The case will be heard on July 9, 2012 by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. (Murphy, 2012). That was an example of how the government has begun to get involved in the dispute between pro-life and pro-choice activists in the movement of abortion. Changing the policies on abortion can have a major impact on the health care industry, its services, and health administration. The government has increased its’ involvement since the 2010 election. “In four and a half months, state legislators have introduced just more than 1,000 provisions related to reproductive health and rights; 139 of these provisions have been approved by at least one legislative chamber, and 59 have been enacted.” (Washington Watch, 2012). The major adjustments consist of the requirement that the mother have an ultrasound conducted

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