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P1: explain the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in health and social care context

Training manual for effective communication and interpersonal interaction in a school

Page | Content | 1 | Introduction | 2-4 | Different contexts used to communicate effectively in health and social care | 5 | Different types of communication used in health and social. | 6 | Different type of interpersonal interactions | 7-8 | Different communication and language needs and preferences |

Communication is really important in a school setting. This is due to communication helping individuals build better relationships with students and also help understand how the other person is capable of
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Therefore it is very important that informal communication is used correctly depending on the situation one maybe in. In most circumstances informal communication is used by friends, family and social groups, this is because there is no hostility as a relationship is built amongst each other.

Formal context:
Formal communication is used in many jobs, in this case a school. The reason for using formal communication is to show respect to another person who you may be speaking to. However it is very important that formal communication is used correctly as it may come across as too posh or it may make the other person feel uncomfortable. Formal communication is very important within a school as it is understood by a wide range of students, for example a teacher speaking to their student and say for an example greeting them by saying “Good morning!” This helps to build a good relationship between the teacher and student which can allow the teacher to get good relation with the student. However in this situation if informal communication was used, the student may feel awkward and feel as if they are not being taken seriously.

One to one communication:
One to one communication requires two people having a communication. This type of communication which is verbal can be used in many situations such as interviews. It is very important during a one

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