Essay on Health Literacy And Its Impact On Health

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This report covers what health literacy in regards to culturally diverse people, it defines what health literacy is and describes how it affects culturally diverse people. It covers what a social determinant of health is and the impact of the social determinants of health. It also covers the impact that these can have on the health literacy of culturally diverse individuals. The report also acknowledges the link between low health literacy and the negative impacts it has on health outcomes.
Definition of health literacy
Health literacy is the ability to which an individual can competently process basic health information and access services that pertain to decisions which can influence their health (Berkman, Davis and McCormack, 2010). Health literacy is split into two major branches which evolved from public health and clinical care, these are an adult literacy and health education (social model of health) or a biomedical model. The social model views health literacy as a tool that allows individuals to actively contribute to their own healthcare. This model encourages individuals to develop a better understanding of health information and services so they can use it as a personal asset. The biomedical model depicts that an omission of health literacy is more of a risk rather an asset. Which by viewing a lack of health literacy as a risk, highlights the importance of educating oneself to improve on their health literacy skills it is important to note that one…

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