Health Disparities Within The United States Essay

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Health disparities exist in all populations and effect every demographic in the United States. There are many causes for these disparities which lead to poor health and a barrier to quality care. Poverty, for example, is a major cause of health disparities in the United States, there is a clear link between socioeconomic status and health in this country. Within the African American population, poverty is highly prevalent and influences the health disparities faced by the population. High incidence of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease are just a few examples of disparities faced by impoverished African Americans.
Over 27% of African Americans in the United States are living in poverty("Poverty in Black America,n.d.). This is an alarming statistic, which explains why we see high prevalence of many medical conditions and diseases within the population. Those living in poverty generally see high morbidity rates and experience risk factors which also lead to disease. Poverty also leads to a lack of heath insurance and lower quality care. According to Dore and Eisenhardt (2015), people in the lowest income group were 10 times more likely than those in the highest income group to forgo medical care due to cost. Poverty and lack of insurance leads to disparities in access of care among those in poverty which would largely effect African Americans.
Those living in poverty face other issues not directly related to health or healthcare access as well. A lack of education on…

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