Health Communication And Health Information Technology Essay

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Introduction Health Information Technology has been a steady growing field for the last five to seven years; especially since the implementation of the HITECH Act and new reforms of the PPACA. Many public and private organizations are utilizing information technology more and more every day to communicate with institutions and organizations in dealings with patients. With the new implementation of the electronic health records many organizations need to be able to serve as the backbone for the patients they are responsible for, by delivering care and payment reform models. This is very essential when health providers need to converse on steps to take or decisions need to be made that will have an effect on a patient’s health or future outcome.
Overview of the profession
Health communication and health information technology (IT) have become of significant importance for society. These two components interact with one another because they are essential tools to health care, public health, and how society views health. Health communication via IT helps with decision-making between patients and their providers. It is a way in which accurate, accessible, and actionable health information can be deliver. It also provides great opportunities to communicate and connect with culturally diverse and hard to reach populations. In combining these two there is great potential for improvement in health care quality and safety and support care in the community and at home. There…

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