Essay Health And Globalization : The Network Of Global Commerce

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Health and Globalization

The interdependent network of global commerce in the movement of food (produce, etc.), food products (snacks, etc.) and manufactured goods (clothing, etc.) as well as the migration of people for jobs or other needs would experience significant economic loss if it were to be reduced; especially in relation to developing nations. Consequently, trade movement reductions would be ineffective, as indicated by the Levin Institute (n.d.), to prevent something like the “tropical disease dengue”, whereas the method of transit is known only after the fact. Any measures to curtail the international flow of commerce in relation to health issues would require the delicate balance of health considerations against the political and economical concerns; especially in view of the cost of medical supplies.

Instead, the necessary options would be, according to The Hill Group (n.d.), those relating to “global collaboration” considering the reality that “diseases know no borders” (The Hill Group, n.d.). Global health needs would be prioritized and the developed nations would contribute collectively until the needs are well met. Political or economical objections could be countered with the reiteration of “diseases know no borders” (The Hill Group, n.d.). The international health community would graphically detail the consequences of inaction through press releases as incentive for citizens to prompt their leaders to appropriate responses. Furthermore, it would…

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